Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Travel Inspired First Birthday!

About 7 months ago I was snuggling my tiny baby, and as she lay sleeping in my arm I was perusing Pinterest and started thinking about that baby's first birthday when it hit me. Her birthday should be travel themed, especially considering all of the travel that she has done in her first year! Our little lady has been to 10 states in the first year and I am looking forward to the day when I get to take her in to get a passport and take her abroad. 

I pinned all sorts of ideas on Pinterest and then remembered that my brother-in-law collects maps so I sent an e-mail to the family asking for old maps and atlases. At Christmas we collected them and brought them home. All of the decorations, except for the globe beach balls are up cycled! I feel like such a hipster ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures and explanations of everything.

This is our dining area which was the main decorated area of the house. I made bunting with the maps, hung some of the beach balls from the curtain rod and used more maps to make the garland hanging from the chandelier. The table cloth is a bunch of maps taped together. 

On the walls I have hung her monthly pictures matted on more maps.

The food was inspired by the places that make Caroline who she is. Here is what we had and it's significance:
  • California fresh fruit and veggies (where Mom is from)
  • Pennsylvania pretzels (where Dad was born & went to college)
  • Oregon Tillamook cheese (where Mom went to college)
  • Indiana popcorn (where Mom & Dad met)
  • Ohio Skyline chili dip (where Dad is from)
  • Texas sweet tea (where baby was born)
And of course, there were cupcakes with map wrappers and toppers! The wrappers were the only part that I didn't feel was worth the effort, which is why the front plate doesn't have them.

We hung more globes in the living room. Our walls just happen to match the green on the globes!

The wreath on the front door was made of map circles. There was also a sign in the yard made of two maps with the same saying. Sadly Dad threw it away before I could take a picture.

Our bar was decorated with more globes sitting on vases.

We had bunting hanging over these two openings with pictures of baby on the ledge. You can also see a bit of the world map in the kitchen which is where we did the big cake smash! It was tons of fun and not very expensive considering that all of the decorations were made of things on hand. The only expenses were the beach balls ($20 for all 12 and they were the party favors) and food which we bought way too much of!

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