Friday, July 11, 2014

Tales from My Garmin Vivofit

For my birthday this year my wonderful husband bought me a Garmin Vivofit. I had been using an old school pedometer for a few weeks until I lost it. I set a goal of 8000 steps per day as a realistic goal. I've been using it for about 2 months now and I'm learning some interesting things about myself, my sleep, and my activity levels. Here are some of the charts that summarize my progress:

For the month of July I was doing pretty good until we went on vacation! A lot of those big days were teaching days where I walked around the class a lot. In July we also regularly took Caroline on walks for her naps.

In August we were still on vacation and then we had transitioned Caroline to napping in her crib so we weren't going on nearly as many walks. It's also been so hot out that going for walks hasn't been much fun. It's good to know my habits, I'm working hard to increase that number and move my goal to 10,000 steps per day by mid September.

My new toy also tracks my movement as I sleep. The spikes are usually when I hear Caroline on the baby monitor and check on her. Sometimes I forget to wake it up in the morning so I get a big peak at the end. I'm shooting for 8 hours asleep and we're doing pretty good. This particular day wasn't great, Caroline was getting a tooth and has just been getting up way to early!

This night I went to bed late but slept pretty soundly! 

Overall I'm really happy with my gadget, it also functions as a watch so that's been helpful and also makes me more likely to wear it.

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