Monday, August 12, 2013

Gearing up for fall

Maternity leave is so strange when you're a college professor, especially when you work at a school that doesn't have a long history of hiring young female faculty. Living in Texas there is no guaranteed maternity leave policy. The state defers to the federal FMLA which provides 12 weeks unpaid leave. I wasn't sure what my rights were especially since Caroline would be born in the Summer when I would be "off" anyway. As I began to investigate and pour through the employee handbook I found that I accrue sick pay and would have 8 weeks saved up by the end of August. Since FMLA doesn't have to be used right after birth I chose to start my leave on the first day of classes. Since that's a little difficult my boss and I came to an agreement that I would teach one class in person and one online rather than cram my classes into the second 8 weeks of the semester. I also have a grad assistant to do the grading and help me out. 

For my in person class my husband will take care of baby while I'm in class. I'm looking forward to strengthening my bond with baby by being home but I'm also looking forward to doing a little research and prepping for spring. Mostly I'm going to fight with myself to take it easy and be present with my daughter every day!

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