Monday, June 17, 2013

38 Weeks!

Friday marked 38 weeks pregnant. I definitely feel tired and having more pain and overall crankiness. The heat is not helping my mood either. I am also still waiting for my new office to be finished so that I can get everything moved and ideally unpacked before this little girl comes.

On a positive note I have been fairly productive this past week finishing up our 2011 & 2012 family albums, 2010 is nearly finished and I have the photos organized for 2009. I have also finished the baby blankets that I was crocheting for my cousins twins that are due shortly after Caroline. 

The last person I know who was due before me had her baby this past week, she was due on the 22nd. Apparently the biology lab is the place to be as two friends have gone into labor there in the last three weeks. The key seems to be to go into the lab on a Wednesday the week before you are due. I plan to visit the lab this coming Wednesday!

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