Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updates on Baby Caroline!

The pictures from the last few weeks aren't the greatest as the husband has been out of town quite a bit and wasn't able to take the pictures for me. I'm not a huge fan of taking pictures in the mirror but I'd rather have those than nothing!

This first one is at 26 weeks and I never thought that I would be wearing a long-sleeve shirt at that stage of pregnancy considering that I live in West Texas! This day I got dressed and looked in the mirror and felt huge, I had to take a picture! I think it's just the style of the shirt and how fitted it is but it was kind of fun and I got all sorts of comments that day.
This second picture is at 27 weeks, this was also the week of my last flight before Caroline arrives. I traveled to New Orleans for the Southwestern Social Science Association meeting where I presented some research with one of my colleagues. We had a great time and I took advantage of being pregnant and ate lots of Beignets and a Po'Boy the size of my head. It was a great trip but it wore me out completely, traveling in the third trimester is much more challenging than I had anticipated. I was also awfully swollen after this trip, a combination of poor eating and not enough water led to some serious water retention. My doctor was a little concerned at my appointment the following Monday but since then the swelling has been much more manageable and is only bad at the end of the day when I've been on my feet a lot.

This last belly shot is back to our traditional outside shot, it was finally warm enough to wear capri's and short sleeves! This is 28 weeks and I was feeling 28 weeks. This was also a rough week of work, I had to deal with some cheating issues and some other work situations that were challenging and so it was a very emotional ride for me. I am pretty proud of how I handled everything and then after an overnight retreat focusing on prayer and solitude I was feeling refreshed and renewed going into week 29.

Over the last few weeks Baby Caroline has also been blessed with amazing gifts from her family! We got this quilt in the mail from her Great Aunt Marie who lives in Kansas. I a just adore the colors and the pattern and I'm sure that Caroline will love it for many years to come as well!

More gifts came from Grandma Sally, she sent a box full of great stuff including some burp cloths, receiving blankets, adorable clothes and Caroline's first baby doll! One of the outfits that came made me smile, it is the "I love Auntie" bib below. I sure wish that her Auntie Sarah lived closer but I know that she will love her aunt and her cousins and I hope that they'll take good care of her when she comes to visit and I hope that they show her all of the secrets of Disneyland as well :)

Coming up we have our classes at the hospital, my church baby shower and my work baby shower so stay tuned for lots more pictures and goodies for Caroline!

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