Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Coach for a Day

Hey, here's one that's not about the baby!

I was asked to be a guest coach for the Men's Basketball team at the school where I teach. They ask faculty to join the team in practice that week, eat with them at the pre-game lunch and then sit on the bench during the game and huddle up with the team during time-outs. I got to guest coach during the last game of the season and while we didn't come up with the win it was one of the best experiences I've had. The team was so welcoming of me even though most of them had never taken a class with me and had no idea who I was. When all was said and done I now have basketball players giving me hugs when they see me on campus, there is just no better feeling than that and it's one of the reasons that I truly treasure my job at this small Christian college. This definitely never happened when I was teaching at Purdue!

I look forward to guest coaching again someday and hopefully bringing a win with me! Thanks team for letting me pretend to know anything about basketball and letting me be a part of the family if only for a few days.

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