Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Nursery

Here is the beginning stages of our little girls nursery. To start we have super high ceilings in our home which allows for this awesome shelf that goes around 3 walls of the room. When my father-in-law was here in January he painted the wall chocolate brown (it was red). I thought the brown would give a nice contrast to all of the little trinkets and things we plan to put up there and display.

Over Christmas when we were visiting my dad and step-mom they offered to buy us a crib. I was thrilled, that's one big purchase that I did not mind leaving to someone else. I found a few cribs that I liked but of course they were all back ordered and I was impatient so my step-mom made the call to order this crib from Target and I couldn't be happier! It is perfect for our little one. It arrived on Friday night and by Saturday morning we had it put together and put in place.

Near the windows (with curtains that came all the way from our house in Indiana and may be older than Mom & Dad's relationship) you can see a big Graco stroller that my father-in-law found for free through Craigslist, a gal took it apart to clean it and couldn't put it back together so she gave it away and Papa Joe fixed it right up for my niece Grace when she was visiting them in Ohio and now our little one will get to use it here in Texas. Papa Joe also brought us the little desk that Dad had when he was a little boy. She won't be quite big enough to use it for some time but it's so stinkin' cute that we had to have it and the green paint on it matches our theme completely!

The big dresser in the room is a hand-me-down from me! As a grad student I entered and won the Family Circle College Cook-off and got a bit of prize money that I used to furnish my brand new house in Indiana. One of the things I bought was this awesomely huge dresser but with a built-in dresser in my closet I just didn't need it so now our little one gets to use it, I just need some drawer organizers because those drawers are huge and I'll never find anything in there without a little organization.

Next to the dresser is the rock-n-play cradle thingy courtesy of Grandma Sally, I had heard tons of good reviews on it and it just so happened to come in a duck print! It was one of our first pieces for baby. In her massive closet our little girl has a huge assortment of hand-knitted dresses and sweaters from her Memere Fournier (my grandmother)!

Shown below is the art inspiration for the room, I found these before I was even pregnant. I always knew that I wanted a duck themed room but I didn't want it to be too kitschy or over done, I think these are just right!

We are still working on getting the mattress and deciding on a crib skirt or not, I'll show updates as we get further along!

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