Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bump Update

Here are some bump updates, I didn't mean to be wearing the same pants in both pictures, it just sort of happened that way! I am definitely feeling her move around quite a bit, especially in the evenings and early morning. When I'm busy at work I tend to not feel her, I get distracted!

I certainly can't wear any of my "normal" clothes anymore and am extremely grateful for the hand-me-down maternity clothes from my good friends.

Lately I've been craving pancakes, brownies and I will never turn down ice cream! I am working to balance all of that out but without much success. I have pretty constant heartburn and should really buy stock in tums at this point!

Me at 18 or 19 weeks, I need to do a better job of labeling the pictures!

23 weeks along and clearly pregnant!

A peak at our little girl, we didn't get a traditional profile picture as she just kept moving around but that's her little skull (kind of creepy but in an adorable way)

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