Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Name for Baby Mac

Well, her room is coming along nicely! Who's room? Our little Caroline's room! That's right, we settled on a name for our little one. I spent a while creating this awesome bit of art work for her all the while thinking we should have picked a shorter name, especially considering that our runner-up name (Leah) uses half as many letters!

The letters are made from scrapbook paper in frameless picture frames (the kind with the little clips on the sides). The letters I printed from Word on regular white paper and then cut our of the brown scrapbook paper, this was by far the most tedious part of the project. I have to say that I am impressed with how well I lined these up considering I did it on my own, thank goodness for the laser level!

Along with putting her name on the wall I also hung the ducky art work that was previously on the floor. We have also since purchased a mattress for the crib using gift cards from our fabulous friends. The sheet laying in the crib was made by my mom, Grandma Sally. She made us 4 sheets, all in our color palette and theme. This one is striped and polka dots in green, yellow, cream, and brown. These are so much prettier than store bought and cheaper since she had a coupon for the sheets and some of the material she had been saving since I got engaged 6 years ago (not really joking about that).

The next step is to find a changing table solution or maybe see if we can live without one since it seems a little wasteful! I'll be checking the second hand furniture store and Ikea later this month to see what I can find.

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