Sunday, July 1, 2012

80/20 Philosophy

It's Sunday and that means eating out. Throughout this primal/paleo journey there are two things that I have had to adapt and they are Sunday lunch and the church potluck. Most of my church friends don't even know that we try to eat paleo because Sunday tends to be our 20% in the 80/20 ratio that Mark Sisson advocates.

The way that I describe our eating to others is to tell them that we aim to eat foods that makes us feel good most of the time. I haven't sworn off any foods completely, although gluten is the one I strive to avoid the most. This way of thinking has definitely helped me to see this as a lifestyle and less like a temporary diet.

This way of thinking also means that I never "ruin" my diet or go "off plan." when I eat things that aren't paleo I don't stress too much. I begin to stress when my clothes get tight or I feel run down and tired all of the time. That's what motivates me to eat simply and thoughtfully. I don't stress when we go to restaurants or over to a friends house for dinner. It has been quite liberating to take away the pressure and just live my life eating as well as I can.

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