Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daily Food (b)Log

Hello again, it's been another great food day. We started the morning with a trip to the farmers market and then the natural grocery store for supplies. I wasn't feeling hungry this morning so I just drank a big cup of water. Around noon we came home and fired up the grill. The husband grilled up some burgers while I set up the fixin's. I had cheese on my burger with a side of pickles and watermelon and of course, these were bun-less burgers.

Our kitchen table was finally ready to be picked up today so we borrowed a friend and his truck and while the boys were out getting my table and chairs my friend and I planned out her new bathroom. I helped her pick flooring and wall color and granite for the counter tops. I can't wait to see it all come together, it's going to look great and really got me thinking about our shower and how I'd like to change it up a little.

Anyway, we hung out for quite awhile and then came home and I wasn't terribly hungry so I just had an apple and a chocolate coconut Larabar.

I ended the night with another bun-less burger. My diet coke consumption was 1 can today and I drank tons of water.

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