Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football in West Texas

Now that we live in West Texas we are finding out how big football is. Last week we went to Cowboy Stadium to watch a couple of college teams. Our team lost but it was still pretty darn impressive just to be in that stadium. I even got to go up and sit in one of the suites for a bit.

This photo is the view from the stands, I went up into one of the suites as well and it was crazy! You can see how ginormous that jumbotron is. Crazy!

Well, this week we are playing at home (home being a stadium we share with the local high schools) and while it's not Penn State or my Boilermakers it's pretty fun to be out here in the sea of purple. I'm sitting behind the band which reminds me of my old seats in Ross Ade Stadium although here I'm much closer to the field!

That second pick is of tonight's game, you can see that our opponent forgot to bring their fans :)

Suzie :-)

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