Friday, September 23, 2011

Allergies, ugh!

This morning I literally woke up sneezing which is unusual since I take an allergy pill every day. First I thought I might have forgotten to take my medicine the day before but no, that wasn't it. I got up and took one at about 6:30 this morning and tried to go back to sleep without too much success. Now, at 5pm I'm still feeling it. I'm worried that my allergies are progressing into a head cold. I'm really hoping that I can kick it because I am scheduled for a nice long run tomorrow and that's going to be really difficult if my head is still pounding.

So, on this week I made a big dramatic statement about finding my running groove again and yet here I am having only run a little more than 2 miles this week. I'm struggling to get back in the zone of running and weight loss. I need to get back on track starting tomorrow morning with a good long run.

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