Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in

So, after all that I wrote in my last post I did finally face the "official" scale this morning at my Thursday meeting the results weren't too pretty:

Starting weight: 212.6
Weight last week (4/7): 186.6
Weight this week (4/21): 189.6
Change: +3.0
Total lost: -23.0

It's a good thing I put that total lost on there, otherwise I may just get super depressed and stop even trying! 

Today's meeting was all about tracking and while I thought it was a good reminder I just couldn't believe the number of people at my meeting who rarely or never track and then blame the new program for not losing weight.  I mean, really, it's not magic.  Going to a WW meeting will not make you thinner, you actually have to do the work and the biggest part of the work in weight loss is keeping track of what you are eating.  It's kind of the key in the whole "calories in, calories out" equation.  You have to know how many calories (or points) are going in if you are going to lose weight.  I felt like I was the only one that tracks on a very regular basis.  Heck, I even tracked in Las Vegas!  Even when I don't know how many points are in something I still write down what I ate and how much of it.  The thought of having an empty day in my tracker is unthinkable. 

Todays meeting was pretty typically of how I've been feeling about WW lately, it's not the program that I don't like, it's the whiny people who want to blame someone else for their weight problems. It's frustrating to count points religiously and not see the scale move and then to top it off have to listen to people complain about a plan they aren't even following.  Ugh.

So, what am I going to do about it?  I've already said that I'm not going to give up.  I know that I need accountability and I like having the online tools.  Well, I'm going to go to the walk-in hours and just weigh-in and skip the weekly meetings altogether.  My friend and I go running on Saturdays and we've talked about running in to the center after the run to check in.  I think this could work for me, I'll still have a buddy, someone to talk to and I can ask questions of the leader who is there but I don't have to put up with the whiny members!  Sounds like a plan.  Now, to take off these 3 pounds and then another 1.6 to get under 185 before I take off for Europe!

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