Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Weigh in

Oops, I remembered to attend my meeting on Thursday but I forgot to update the blog with my post!  Oh well, better late than never, right?

Starting Weight: 212.6
Last week (3/28): 188.2
This week (4/11): 186.6
Change: -1.6
Total Lost: -26.0

Woohoo!  I am down a total of 26 pounds!  I finally broke through the 25 pounds lost barrier.  At the meeting I got my charm for my keychain and my stickers and got to share a little about what is working for me.  I think one thing that works is the Thursday meeting.  I love my Monday ladies but it's too depressing to eat out on Sunday and see a gain on Monday simply due to salt. Thursdays allow me to enjoy the weekend without feeling guilty.  I'm still planning to begin my points+ week on Monday and just weigh in on Thursday.

My next weight related goal is to get to 185 which I think I can do this week or next and then I'd like to reach 30 pounds gone before I take off for Europe.  I'm looking forward to biking around Amsterdam and Copenhagen 30 pounds lighter and I know I'll appreciate the effort when I look at the pictures from the trip.

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