Monday, April 4, 2011

An Amazing Weekend Recap

Normally on Mondays you get my quick weigh-in update sent via my phone generally drafted as I wait for my meeting to begin.  However, this week I have decided to wait until Thursday to attend my meeting.  There are a few reasons for this decision.  First, I've noticed a pattern in my weight loss that mimics my monthly cycle and while I know that the pattern exists and I know intellectually why my weight is up during that one week a month I still can't get rid of the thoughts that I am failing at weight loss when I see an increase on the scale.  I like to pretend that the number doesn't matter but it does, it really does.  I find that when the number on the scale at my meeting is down I feel great and when it's up I pretend that I feel great when really I'm wondering what I did wrong.  As you can see if you scroll through my blog I've been up and down over the last few months really hovering between 188 and 193. Now for the last 5 weeks I have seen downward or stable motion.  I've managed not to go above 190.2 since before Spring Break and I'm really excited that I'm only 1/2 a pound away from my 25 pound lost mark.  I've been aiming for that goal since New Years and I know that it would be a huge mental disaster to step on the scale and see that I've moved further away from my goal rather than accomplishing it this week.  Thus, I have opted to weigh in on Thursday when I know that my weight will not be affected by the monthly bloat.  I made the decision last Monday before I ate too much salt and went out to eat on Sunday.  It is not a decision that I made after stepping on my home scale this morning.  I feel good that the decision was planned out.

I love my Monday meeting and plan to go to that meeting 3 out of 4 times per month but I will begin going to Thursday meetings (or Wednesday once school is out) once a month so that I don't have any super bloated weigh-ins.  I think this will be good for me mentally.  I talked with my meeting leader and she suggested that I just not weigh-in every week but I can't do that, I need to get on that scale and get feedback.  Anyway, I'll update on Thursday after I weigh-in.

As for my amazing weekend, it was simply sensational.  On Saturday I made it back to running club and did a short 3.75 miles in 46 minutes and felt fantastic.  After the short run I got changed and headed to the church building for our 4.5 mile Walk 4 Water.  The youth group raised over $8000 to build a well for people in need of clean water.  We walked 2 miles and picked up water and juice and carried it 2 miles to the food bank and then walked .5 miles back to the church.  The walk symbolized how far the average person walks to get water that is often not clean water.  It was a great experience and I think it had a great impact on the youth.

After the walk I came home and cleaned up before meeting a friend for dinner and then heading to the coffee shop to get some grading done.  It felt good to be grading alongside someone else.  I definitely plan to head back tonight to finish up my grading before I give more exams tomorrow afternoon.

On Sunday we got up early and headed to church and stayed around for Sunday school.  After church we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch since we had money leftover on a gift card.  It was a little depressing to look at the nutrition information but I picked a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and a side of sweet potato fries.  I ate half and boxed the rest up (I threw it away today because it just didn't look as good for the points after sitting int he fridge).  After lunch we decided to drive down to Santa Monica to take advantage of a rare Sunday off.  We went to the pier and roamed around 3rd street for a bit and then headed up to Montana Ave where I wanted to go to one store in particular.  After parking we turned the corner and saw the Aero Theater marquee and guess what was playing?  Spaceballs!!  My husband and I watched this movie on our first date and we both absolutely love it's hilarity.  The movie started at 7:30 so we bought tickets and then meandered around for 4 hours.  We went and ate Italian ice and had dinner at Father's Office and then back to the theater where I ate my beloved Sour Patch Kids and laughed hysterically at all of the jokes that I never got back when I was a kid.  It was neat to see it in the theater since it came out when I was too young to see it on the big screen.  We wanted to stay for the second feature, Galaxy Quest, but we knew we would be too tired to drive home.

It was an amazing weekend and I'm so glad that I ate what I wanted but also did some activity and had fun.  Oh, and I tracked all of that amazing food and while I went over my weekly points I lived life and enjoyed the time off.

This week I am focusing on finding a marathon training plan and tracking every day.

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