Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

This quote should end with "stays in Vegas" but unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way when you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The calories that I consume while on vacation will surely haunt me when I step on the scale Tuesday morning.

Wouldn't it be nice to naturally stop eating before feeling stuffed? Or to gravitate towards the healthier options on the menu? I could go on and on but it doesn't help so why beat myself up over it? I need to stop obsessing and keep in mind that I jad a very active day yesterday and that no matter how bad my food decisions have been this past week I am not going to gain back 25 pounds.

I have 3 days left in Vegas so my game plan is to stay active and only indulge in the foods that I truly love and.crave. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a 12 mile run which should feel pretty darn good.

Because I'll still be in Vegas on Monday I plan to go to a WW meeting on Thursday morning. I'd really love to see a loss on the scale!

Suzie :-)

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