Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Weight Loss Challenge

I have issued a weight loss challenge.  A duel of epic proportions (hopefully).

Here's the back story.  My cousin Megan and I were bff's growing up before we even knew what that stood for.  We are almost exactly a year apart and while we didn't always live in the same town we were like sisters, we played and fought.  Life was good.  Well, we were also a bit on the chubby side since as long as I can remember.  This year Megan got engaged!  I am so excited for her, she is marrying a wonderful man.  She is also wanting to lose weight for the engagement pictures and wedding day itself.  She posted on Facebook that she wants to lose 50 pounds by the time they do engagement pictures in June, while I think this is a little ambitious I want to be encouraging and supportive.  Especially since I'm a bridesmaid.  Well, since I have close to 50 pounds left to lose and need a little extra encouragement myself I thought I'd issue a challenge.  I told her that whoever loses the greatest percentage of body weight by the time our birthdays roll around (June 12th and 23rd) the loser buys a mani/pedi when I come up in June or July.  I think it will be a fun way to encourage each other with our goals.

We will send each other a message every Monday after we weigh-in and since I'm very competitive I can see this being a good push to get the scale going in the right direction!

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