Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Vacation Weigh-in

Starting weight: 212.6

Last week: 193.0

This week: 190.0

Change: -3.0

Total lost: -22.6

I can hardly believe how well I did this past week given that I was on vacation. I still have 2 pounds to get to my low of a few weeks ago but I'm feeling confident again!

So, while on vacation I did an excellent job staying within my daily points allowance. I used up all of my weeklies and activity points but I feel great about the way that I navigated all of the restaurants and desserts. I even ate two Voodoo doughnuts and stayed on plan!

I had planned to run while I was there but it was so stinking cold that I just couldn't do it!

This week my challenge will be our trip to Las Vegas for the basketball championships. I'm going to utilize the same strategies that made me successful in Portland because I really want to hit the 25 pound mark soon!

Suzie :-)

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