Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in

Starting: 212.6

Last week (2/28): 190.0

This week (3/10): 190.2

Change this week: +0.2

Total lost: -22.4

This weeks weigh in comes on Thursday since I was out of town on Monday. I'm pretty happy that I only gained .2 pounds while I was in Las Vegas, that's a success!

I plan to go back to my regular meeting on Monday and I am going to try to follow the plan as closely as possibly over the next few days so that I can hit the 25 pounds gone mark. I really want to kick this plateau and say goodbye to being obese!

So, what does it mean to follow the plan closely? It means that I will track everything I put in my mouth, I will exercise as planned and even do some crosstraining on Friday and Sunday, I will not eat all of my bonus points, I will not go out to eat more than once this week!

I am committing to just 4 days of healthy behavior!

Suzie :-)

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