Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly weigh-in

I almost skipped my weigh-in today because I knew my weight would be up.  However, I still came to the meeting and weighed in and accepted the number as just a number.  Here are the numbers:

Starting weight: 212.6

Last week: 187.8

This week: 193.0

Change: +5.2

Total lost: -19.6

Yep, I supposedly gained 5 pounds this week. I was craving salty foods on saturday and sunday because I lost so much salt on my 12 mile run on saturday. I stayed within my points although I ate all of my activity points on saturday and sunday.

It was tough to see the number but at the same time I know that it couldn't possibly be fat that I've gained. So, my plain for this week is to do my scheduled runs and keep tracking and keep drinking tons of water.

In terms of running this week I did my 6 mile run on Wednesday and then 12 miles on Saturday. It was a tough run but I absolutely loved it!

This week I'm travelling to Portland to visit friends and so I'm going to run Mon, Tues and Wed and try to do my long 10 mile run while I'm up there. I will be successful and stick to it!

Suzie :-)

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