Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vacation Mode

Last night I arrived in Portland to begin my Spring break, the first thing we did after leaving the airport was go out to dinner.  The reason I'm writing about this is because I had to fight the temptation to go into vacation mode and order a beer and dessert with my meal.

I strugggle with vacation mode alot, especially when I return to a place I used to live. I tend to think "we should go to x because I can't get that at home." When I lived in Indiana and came home to California it was In-N-Out burger, Jack in the box and good Mexican food. Now that I'm here in Portland I want good microbrews and Voodoo Donuts and coffee from the Pied Cow.

The problem with vacation mode is that I'm trying to create a healthy lifeste which means that I need to learn how to handle vacations in such a way that I continue to lose weight or at least maintain while on vacation. My plan for my current trip is to continue tracking and exercising and focus on spending time with friends and family rather than food.

Right now I am taking my own advice and watching the snow fall, not something I get to enjoy too often.

Suzie :-)

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