Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Starting weight: 213
January 20: 204.8
Today's weight: 203.0
Difference: -1.8
Total Change: -10.0

I took last week off from weighing in because I was in full bloat mode and I knew it would just depress me to write about it, I know what I weighed and knowing what I weigh today just reaffirms my decision not to publish last weeks results. Anyway, I am doing really well this week with my eating and the exercise bloat seems to have subsided. The best thing that happened this week occurred yesterday. Tuesday's are teaching days and so I try to dress up a bit so I wore my black trousers and a nice top. All day I was tugging at the stupid pants. They were way too big and not just in the waist but in the legs as well. I'm going to toss them in the drier and see if they shrink up a little, if not I guess I'll be looking for a smaller size. I don't think my old pants will fit quite yet, they are 2 sizes smaller. Anyway, while it was annoying to be adjusting my pants all day it made me very happy. There's nothing like a non-scale victory to get you going :)

This week I haven't done as much running as I should but I'm going to change that this morning once I finish writing this and my breakfast settles a bit. I'm going to go out on the trail I think and try for 6 miles. I'll do an out and back and then I'll get 6 miles in maybe just not running the entire way.

Anyway, that's what's going on. Thanks for all of the support.

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