Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been struggling the last few weeks with this healthy lifestyle thing. Not seeing results has really bothered me. Well, yesterday I decided to just live life and not worry about the number on the scale. I started with a 3 mile run with my husband. Then, we ate a yummy breakfast and I went off to babysit an adorable 5 month old little girl! Too cute. After that I drove out to Oxnard to help a food pantry organize donations and then pass out food to 1600 people! It was so moving to see so many people who are thankful for the day old bread and generic corn flakes while I have so much. I need to stop whining about the excess of food that I have and instead treat it as a privilege that I can choose what I want. I'm not going to get hungry if I don't eat everything that looks good to me. Chik-fil-a will always exist and I don't have to have it everytime I see it. I don't know, this isn't flowing out onto the screen like I want it to but I know it was a wonderful day even though my weight was up and I ate a little more than I needed.

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