Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back in April I had a biopsy of a lump on my thyroid and fortunately the results came back that it was benign which was awesome because most of the time the tests are inconclusive and so they remove half the thyroid just to make sure. Well, I went back for my 6 month follow-up a few weeks ago and the surgeon decided to have another biopsy done. Maybe I forgot how much it hurt to have a needle stuck in your throat 4 times or maybe it hurt more because it was a different doctor performing the biopsy, either way, I was in pain all day yesterday. It really sucked because I wanted to be active and go for a hike, it was a gorgeous day out! So, I sat at home with an ice pack on and did some work for my job. Then, this morning I was up half a pound as a result. I was barely over my calories but I had quite a bit of salt and no activity.

Today I'm feeling better and am staring out my office door at a mountain of stairs, I think I'll go and climb them so that I can feel a good burn! Here are some pictures of the crazy stairs just outside my office door:

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