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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ehh, I don't really have much of an opinion on Mondays. Since I work on salary and don't have normal office hours weekends and weekdays just kind of blur together. Also, with my husbands job in college sports our weekends are often crazy and not very relaxing. Anyway, I am in the office today and am feeling pretty good. I went to lunch with my division chair and she told me that I seem to be adjusting quickly to working at Pepperdine and that I seem to fit right in. This made me really happy, I guess I'm not a needy employee :) Hopefully that will make them want to keep me when my contract is up next May.

On the diet front I feel like I did okay, not great, but okay this weekend. I went down to my sisters for a baby shower on Saturday and I did overindulge a bit at the shower but I treated it as dinner and didn't eat when I got home. Sadly I was up 2 pounds Sunday but then my lady time began and so I'm hoping some of this crazy water weight will get out of my system by my Wednesday weigh-in.

I find it really difficult to stay on track when eating out. I like having the routine of packing a lunch for work and planning my meals for the week. I know what to expect and I can easily stay on track. I'm already frustrated by not losing any weight in the last 3 weeks and going out does not help because then I just get more frustrated because it's so hard to accurately track the calories in my nutrition tracker. I really just don't know what to do if I don't see a loss once my lady time is over. I just don't know because I cannot continue living at this weight. Life is just too short to spend it not being able to do everything that I want to do and doing it with ease and comfort. Fortunately I'm addressing the issue now at age 27 rather than at 47 with 2 kids at home. I am fortunate to be able to recognize that without changing my life now I was headed for a long downward spiral. Anyway, just the thoughts that are going on in my head right now.

If anyone has any good ideas for how to jumpstart or reignite my weight loss I'll gladly take them! I already cut out most refined carbs and eat whole grains, get plenty of fiber. The only area I think I could really improve is in getting more protein. So, maybe I'll focus on that this week and see what happens.


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