Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Starting weight: 213
Last Week: 203.0
Today's weight: 201.2
Difference: -1.8
Total Change: -11.8

Down almost 2 pounds this week! Staying on track through 2 parties and 3 meals out in the last week. Feels good to be doing well. It does not feel good to have suffered from food poisoning this week. I ate at Panda Express for a late lunch on Tuesday and that night the sickness set in and I felt miserable for about 24 hours. I'm feeling a bit better today although not great. I'm hoping to be back to 100% tomorrow.

On Monday I begin training for the half marathon that I signed up for yesterday. I've been saying that I'm going to train for a marathon and that I'm going to be a runner for awhile now, since I got serious on Sparkpeople. Well, I haven't signed up a for a race or run seriously since last Thanksgiving when I ran a 10k and I struggled with every horrible mile of it. So, I finally got serious. I paid the $75 and signed up for a half marathon on March 27, 2010. I know quite a few people who will be running that day in either the 5k, 10k, or half marathon. I have 16 weeks to train and I have my calander and know what I need to do to make it happen. It feels good to have a real physical goal.

This afternoon we are taking the picture for our Christmas card, better late than never :) I'm thankful that I've lost as much weight as I have but I'm also looking forward to next years picture when I'll be 50 pounds lighter and finally done with my PhD.

This weekend I have another holiday party to survive but I'm not going to panic about it, it will be fun and the food will contain some healthy options. One of the hosts recently lost 40 pounds and started running. It should be great.

Okay, I'm exhausted and need to put my head on my desk for a few minutes before I finish up my book summary that is due today.

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