Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting weight: 209.6
Last week: 205.4
Today's (4/26) weight: 204.0
Weight lost: -1.4
Total Change: -5.6

This weigh-in is coming a bit late in the week but that's what happens when it's final exam week and you decide to take off to Santa Barbara for a night with the hubs! This week I weighed in at 204.0 and was thrilled. I had a great week last week with my husbands help. He has decided that he needs to lose a few pounds as well so I wrote up a menu for both of us and we did great. Sadly, I don't think this coming Monday the scale is going to be so kind. We took a trip to Santa Barbara because it was the only time in the next 6 weeks that we were both free and we really needed some quality time together away from computers and cell phones. It was wonderful, we went to the mission and the botanic gardens and strolled downtown and we ate some amazing food! I don't feel like I pigged out too much but it's hard to tell since I'm extremely bloated from it being my girly time. I did weigh myself this morning and was disappointed but I know that if I stay on track the bloat will go away and hopefully I'll only have a slight gain or manage to maintain.

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