Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Starting weight: 212.6
Last week: 191.4
Today's (12/20) weight: 193.4
Weight lost: +2.0
Total Change: -19.2

As you can see I am up two pounds after my awesome vacation. I'm going to take this as a win. I mean, 2 pounds up after Christmas and 4 days in Vegas? That's nothing, I've gained more in one day. The receptionist at my meeting seemed more upset by the gain then I did. I told her that it didn't matter what the scale said the victory was that I came to a meeting as soon as I got back rather than wait until Monday to start over. That's right, no "I'll start after the New Year" or "I'll party all weekend and start on Monday." I started over immediately before another ounce could sneak on and I was rewarded. My home scale says that I'm up 1 pound from my all time low so I'm looking forward to weighing in at my regular meeting time Monday morning.

As for my goals in 2011, here they are:
1. Run a full marathon!
2. Keep the scale going down - I'd like to reach my goal weight but with my sluggish pace that may not be realistic especially when I'm not entirely sure what would be a good final weight.
3. Enjoy living in Southern California and take advantage of it before moving to Texas
4. Use up all of my yarn that is currently in the closet before buying more :)
5. Present a new paper at the Sociology of Religion conference in August

So, those are my goals now for the actions that are going to help me achieve them.
1. Run a marathon. For this goal I will be training for most of the year. I am running a half at the end of March and then I'm looking to run the full in October.
2. Keep the scale moving down. I'm going to continue my ww meetings even when we move to Texas in August. I enjoy them and I've found that they have made me much more successful. What can I say? I love star stickers, they really motivate me :)
3. Enjoy living in SoCal. I'll be using my Disney pass at least 5 more times before it expires and then we need to go to an Angels game and climb up to the Hollywood sign. I also want to see my nephews at least once a month until we move.
4. Use up my yarn. I'm becoming a hoarder of yarn and I've completely run out of space so I need to finish up some projects with my existing yarn and then only buy it when I've actually got a project to work on.
5. I need to get back in the academic circle and do some presentations and hopefully publications as well. I'm going to start by submitting an abstract to ASR at the end of January and then get the paper ready to present in August. I missed the meetings last year and my CV is starting to look sad so I'm going to work to fix it.

There is so much more that I could say but I think these are good concrete goals to start with and I love that they are not all fitness or weight related! I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed 2011!

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