Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, April 03, 2010

It's been such a crazy busy end to the week that I am just now realizing that I haven't blogged in a few days. So, let's start with Wednesday 3/31. On Wednesday I began my day babysitting an adorable little boy and we had a ton of fun, he is just figuring out stairs and so we went up and down the stairs all morning. It was fun and tiring. Well, his parents had gone to the Dr and came home with bad news, the dad has lymphoma. It was very upsetting, they aren't close friends of mine but they are just really great people and I feel so terrible for them. So, I came home feeling anxious and sad for them and I made lunch and I did pretty good. Then it was time for small group and we were having a pasta bar potluck. It was so tasty! At least I brought berries for dessert so that didn't destroy my plan. I did overindulge in the pasta a bit and particularly the homemade bread. I find it difficult to control my eating when I'm not sure how many calories are in things. I feel like, well, I can't accurately log this on Spark so why does it matter? Well, I didn't go crazy and I drank tons of water and on Thursday my weight had only gone up by 0.2 pounds so even though I don't know the calorie count I must have done okay.

On Thursday I was able to log my calories and I stayed on goal even though it was a very stressful day. My schedule for Fall has changed again and it means a little more work for me this summer. I know that it will be good once the semester gets going but for now it's not the greatest situation.

On Friday I did really well eating my veggies and fruits and being very productive at work, I got about half of my students papers graded while they took an exam. I felt really good about my choices and then we went to Good Friday Services and I felt even better, I think my spirit needed some nourishing as well.

This morning I got up and weighed in at 204.0. This is huge and I'm hoping to not mess it up with the holiday. My weigh in day is on Monday morning and that means I have to make it through an Easter potluck Sunday night without binging. I'm going to do my best and just remember that I'm there to spend time with friends and not to eat everything in sight!

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