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Monday, March 29, 2010

Today is a new day 1, I am fully committed to a lifestyle change and not another fad diet or slimming secrets. So, why am I just now becoming committed? Particularly when I've been saying that I'm going to lose weight for the last couple of years? Well, I'll tell you.

On Saturday I ran my second half marathon. I began the training back in December but my training fell apart when I got sick in February and then went on vacation. I hadn't run in close to a month by the time the race came around. I e-mailed the event folks to change my registration to the 10k. I figured that at least there is no time limit for the 10k and it's not on trails so should something happen I'd be okay. Well, I went to pick up my packet on Friday and found that I couldn't switch to the 10k because it was sold out! No more bibs available. So, I either had to attempt the half or not do anything. I talked with the gal and she told me that as long as I get on the trail by the 50 minute mark they would allow me to finish and I would receive support along the trail. The trailhead was at mile marker 3, I knew I could run 3 miles in 50 minutes. So, I decided to go for it. On race day I was all alone because my husband had to go to work at 9am. I took my camelback and a clif and luna bar and my music and set out. The first mile was downhill so it felt pretty good to see that I'd run the first mile in 11 minutes! I got to the trail at 39 minutes and there were some folks behind me. The trail was uphill for about 5 miles before going back down and there weren't any milemarkers at this point. Between miles 6 and 8 there were some really steep parts that I wasn't sure I could walk and then it got windy. But, I did it, I made it to the top and looked around at the beautiful scenery and I knew that I could finish the last 5 miles, it was all downhill from there :) I finished in 3:50 (and some change) but I finished. I ran across that finish line and collected my medal and felt good about my accomplishment. I was sore but in a good way, no aching knees or bad pain. In fact, I feel pretty darn good today and it's only been 2 days. So, I decided that over the next year I want to actually train for this race. If I can finish strong without training who knows what I can accomplish with a little effort and practice. So, a part of training is to get rid of some extra weight. It will be much easier to run with 60 less pounds to carry around. I'm going to try and focus on running and eating well and use the scale as a tool to keep me on track but I'm not really shooting for an exact number. I think I'll know when I get there.

I'm going to update my weight and progress every week (Monday's) and look forward to my next race!

March 29, Day 1
Today's weight: 209.6

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