Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, March 19, 2010

So, a few years back I followed the 6 day body makeover and it worked, I went down an entire dress size in one week and felt great. Well, aside from the fact that I was always hungry. I decided to give it another shot and see if I could use it to jumpstart my weight loss. Well, I got everything ready, bought the veggies and portioned out my meals for yesterday and gave it a go. The diet is basically lean meat and veggies with few carbs and no dairy. I knew I still wanted to track on Spark so I logged everything for the day and came up with 722 calories - for the entire day! That's just absurd, luckily I did this before dinner so I knew my hunger wasn't unfounded. I thought, I'll add an extra serving of rice and a little more chicken and eat more fruit for dessert than the plan calls for to get up to at least 1200 calories for the day. Well, I didn't make it. I was driving home from work at 6:30pm and I was ravenous and my head hurt and I wanted to eat like nothing else. I didn't think and the next thing I knew I was pulling into the grocery store parking lot. I would have been pulling in to Jack in the Box if I hadn't given up fast food for lent :) I bought fried chicken wings and potato wedges in the deli section which actually would have still kept me in my calorie range but then I saw Hagen Dazs on sale for $1.99 a pint. I bought a pint and of course, I ate all of it, every last lick. I came in around 2100 calories for the day and I know it's because I was practically starving myself before dinner. Not a nice thing to do for my metablism. So, with that crazy experiment out of my system I'm back to the Spark plan but with a few tweeks, more water, more mini-meals and more veggies.

I also wanted to thank you for the encouragement on my last post, it was just what I needed to read last night after the crazy binge.

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