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Friday, December 17, 2010

So, you probably need a little back story before I get to the weight. In June I reached my breaking point. I was up to 212 pounds - my all time heaviest and just needed much more accountability. I decided that I needed a meeting or someone to be accountable to. The online community is great but if I don't lose I can just stop posting and nothing really happens. So, I decided to join weight watchers. Paying money every month seemed like good motivation to lose weight because otherwise I'd just be wasting money!

Since joining WW six months ago I have lost 20 pounds even!

Beginning weight: 212.6
Last weigh-in, 12/6/10: 192.6
Total change: -20.0 pounds!

I am doing so well with the points plan, it's very similar to calorie counting and I still use Spark to look up nutritional information to calculate the points. Points just seem easier because I only get 31 a day so 1 point seems like a much bigger deal than 50 calories when you get 1500 per day. Anyway, I'm doing really well and will be back to blogging regularly here on Spark.

Since I last blogged I've run a 5k, a half marathon and a 6 mile race. I'm finally running regularly and feel great going into the Christmas season. Also since this Summer I have completed my PhD and never have to register for classes again! I also got a full-time tenure track job that begins in August so there is much less stress in my life.

My weekly weigh-ins are on Mondays and I'm hoping to make my 10% goal this coming Monday (21 pounds). I'll be updating here every week.

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