Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oops, I sort of fell off the wagon. It all began on Saturday when we went to help my sister and her family move. While we were arranging furniture she told me that she is expecting a baby. Big shock. We had just been discussing non-hormonal BC options the week before. Definitely an unplanned pregnancy. I began to get stressed on her behalf. I am looking forward to being close by for this little ones first few years since I missed that with her other kids but, all I could think was, how on earth are they going to pay for this? Where will they put the baby? What will she do about work? I know it's not my place to worry and I should be thrilled but it's scary. Doctors aren't sure how the chemo and herceptin treatments from her breast cancer (finished treatments 2 years ago) will affect the baby. I guess all I can do is pray that the baby is healthy but I'm just worried. So, I ate a bunch of greasy fried stuff for dinner.

Then, Sunday was my first anniversary with my husband. We laid on the beach and didn't have enough water with us. We went to dinner and then to Golden Spoon. It was a perfect day and I really enjoyed the relaxation but it got me out of the habit of logging my food.

Last night was a dinner gathering with friends where the husbands were in charge of the food and there was a lot of meat without many sides! It tasted good but wasn't so healthy.

Today was my first day at work alone with the kid. I'm a nanny and the mom had a c-section this afternoon so I took the kid to school, made play dough, made pancakes and froze them for dad, picked him up and took him to his second preschool, picked him up again and entertained him. It all went really smoothly but I took advantage of being out and about and bought some sour patch kids and ate leftovers that were very tasty but not very healthy.

Well, the leftovers are gone. I'm blogging all of the catastrophe and I'll move on tomorrow and get back on track. I'm certain that I'll be posting a gain tomorrow which is really sad since I got down to 202.8 on Thursday morning last week. Now I'm heading into that time of the month and I probably won't see a loss for a few weeks, especially since we are going to Vegas this weekend to visit my grandparents and attend a wedding. This will be my first time staying on the strip and I've already told my husband that I will be drinking and taking advantage of the weekend away :)

Okay, that's all for now. I'll post my progress tomorrow and let you know what the scale said.

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