Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm feeling so much better today. After yesterdays fiasco, I am back on track. The amazing thing is that I did not go over my calorie goal for the day yesterday. I actually sat on the couch thinking about what terrible food I could eat to make myself feel better. I thought about a pint of Ben and Jerry's, a pack of cookie dough, making brownies, Jack in the Box and many others. I did end up going to Jack in the Box but only after I planned out my eating for the day to make sure it would fit into my goals. It did, so, I went. It was good. Jack did not solve all of my problems but it was tasty and nice not to cook anything. After lunch I went grocery shopping and then came home and cleaned up the house, that made me feel instantly better. I also turned on some tunes and just enjoyed some upbeat music while reading my favorite blogs. It felt very indulgent to take the day off when I have so much to do. But, today I'm making up for it. I've been cruising through the changes and am still hopeful to have a draft to my chair tonight. I don't think he'll read it until next week but at least it will be off my plate.

Oh, and now I'm e-mailing my paper to my husband at the end of each day so that there will always be a copy of the latest draft hanging out in cyberspace.


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