Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a day! Today, after church, my husband and I decided to go for a walk along the trails near our house. There are signs everywhere with "rattlesnake alert" and be careful but we had yet to actually see one. Well, today was our lucky day because we saw two rattlesnakes on our 90 minute walk! The first one my husband saw first and I freaked out, started crying and ran down the path the other way. We decided to keep going though and went up a different path. Near the end of the loop I saw the second snake, right in the middle of the path and quite big with a long rattle on the end of it's tale. This time I wasn't quite so freaked out but we decided we were done for the day and finished our loop and came home even though we had set out to do 2 hours of hiking. I will not be running/walking on the trails alone, that's for sure!

So far it's been a great week and I've not gone off the rails or anything even remotely close. In the last week I had one day where I was over by a hundred calories or so because we went to a friends for dinner and ate tacos with guacamole that was to die for. The frustrating thing is that I haven't lost any weight yet. I have 3 days until the weekly weigh-in but I still step on the scale in the morning just to see where I'm at. For three weeks I was seeing numbers that pretty well reflected my calorie intake but this week I had a 2 pound gain in one day and I only ate 1350 calories!! I'm trying to drink more water because I have been slacking a little there and hopefully that will help. I really want to be down to 200 by my birthday and I want to pull out the box of cute summery clothes soon! Preferably before Summer is over ;)

That's the update for now, I'll be back with more later!

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