Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, October 19, 2009

It was one crazy weekend at our house! It all started with my mom flying in on Thursday, I drove to Burbank to pick her up and then we hung out a bit before driving back home. I made her a special birthday dinner and birthday cake. On Friday we got up early and drove down to Anaheim to M&L Fabrics and then to lunch in Long Beach at Chik-Fil-A then I left my mom with my sister and drove to Malibu to watch an embarassing soccer loss and then we went home and I attempted to frost a cake for a wedding. Thankfully, not the wedding cake but the groom's cake. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be to make the frosting smooth and look decent. I finally got it looking good after several attempts and then crashed. I woke up early on Saturday and went to pick up the flowers for the wedding and then out to Paramount Ranch where the wedding was held. It was hot! I'm talking close to 100 degrees and the wedding was outdoors! I arranged 75 mason jars with flowers and then hurried home to change and get ready for the actual wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, the only real snag was that one of the bridesmaids passed out - she was okay, just hot and dehydrated and wearing super tall shoes. We hung out at the reception long enough to watch my cake get cut and then we headed back down to Anaheim for dinner at Goofy's Kitchen and then brought mom back to our place. Sunday I taught Sunday school, enjoyed a wonderful sermon during church and then went home to help my mom pack up all of her purchases from the weekend. We had lunch and then headed back to Burbank. After dropping her off I went to Ikea and then to Target before finally coming home. It was exhausting! I was ready to crash as soon as I got home but unfortunately I had drank caffeine at lunch and slept horribly. Today, no caffeine on the agenda and no real stress. I'm just going to be at work until 5pm and then I'm heading home for dinner and Bible Study. I am very excited that there is only one thing on my schedule for next weekend :)

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