Thursday, August 20, 2009

ASA in San Francisco - Part 1

I went to the American Sociological Association meetings in San Francisco and met up with some awesome friends. On Saturday we went to the wharf area and got free chocolate at Ghiradelli got a drink at an Irish pub, went to dinner at In-N-Out Burger and then headed to Alcatraz! In all my visits to San Francisco this was the first time that I got to go to the island. I've never thought to buy the tickets in advance until now. It was totally worth the $30 for the ticket! We went on the night tour and now I need to go in the day time so that I can fully take in the grounds and everything. It was awesome. I'd post a picture but my battery died and so I have to get the pics from one of my awesome friends. After Alcatraz we went back to Ghiradelli and ate yummy sundaes and then caught a cable car back to union square.

On Sunday, I navigated the public transportation system like a champ and met my mom, step dad and aunt at ATT park for a Giants v. Reds game. Now, I am a Reds fan via my husband and my family are major Giants fans. We got awesome seats for free through a connection at the Reds so my parents couldn't really get to mad when the Reds won, I mean, they did pay for our tickets. Here we are at the game:
Here is the final score from the game, just to prove that the Reds can in fact win a game:
Stay tuned for more details from my awesome Summer!

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