Sunday, August 2, 2009

Game Night and The Neverending Couch Hunt

I have two very different things on my mind at the moment. The first is how much fun Chris and I had at game night at our church. We got there at 6 and played Apples to Apples with some people we didn't know too well and then we played Scattegories until 9 pm! It was so much fun and a bunch of people came to the event. I think this is a yearly event and I'm already looking forward to next years game night. It was a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

The second thing is how stinking hard it is to find a couch that we can afford and that we don't hate! We are struggling with the decision and have found a couple of possibilities but I want a couch that we really like and not just one that will do for now. Ugh, it's so frustrating. The one couch that we liked the most won't fit through our front door so we would have to haul it over the balcony and it's leather so we would most likely scratch it all up and then it would match all of our completely scratched wood furniture! So, we are waiting on a new couch. We did find a table and chairs at Ikea for only $69 so we have somewhere to sit that is relatively comfortable. At least we have more room for the air mattress right now which will be good when Melissa comes to visit on Monday.

Oh, here's a third thought, we had to pry my wedding ring off my finger today. My fingers have swollen and I couldn't get the ring off. It's been like that since about November. It hasn't been a big deal because it didn't hurt or anything and I kept thinking I'd lose weight. Well, with work and the hot weather my finger swelled even more and the ring started to dig into my skin and cause a red mark. Today it began to hurt pretty bad so Chris googled how to get a ring off and found that many women have this problem, particularly pregnant women. Anyway, I froze my finger with ice, held my hand over my head for 5 minutes and then we used dental floss and windex and managed to get it off without too much pain. I mean, it hurt but it was tolerable, it wasn't as painful as others had described. My husband was a champ, he withstood my crying and pried the sucker loose. Now, I have a ring on a chain to wear around my neck and a sore red mark on my finger from the tight ring. I need to decide when I should get it resized or if I'm just going to try and lose the weight ASAP so that it fits again. Decisions, decisions.

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