Saturday, July 25, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Woohoo! Awesome vacation...perfect way to celebrate one year of marriage is to watch two of your best friends get married. It was a beautiful ceremony, very not Vegasy at all. Mark was more dressed up then Chris was at our wedding and Jody was stunning in her Ebay dress! I loved it. Even the "minister" wasn't too bad. I was pretty happy that they let us take pictures in the chapel because some times they don't allow that and it's just a way to rip you off. Anyway, it was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun for two people who don't like to waste money, drink and are trying to lose weight!

We actually arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday morning and headed to my grandparents house in Overton, NV which is about 60 miles NE of Vegas. We surprised them a little because I like to do that and I never seem to have their correct phone number :) Anyway, we caught up with them and then headed to Mesquite for a dinner buffet and some gambling. I lost $6 but Chris won $10 so overall we began the vacation up $4. Not too shabby. Then we went home and played a little hand and foot and I thought Grandma and I were going to lose but we pulled out a victory in a smashing final round! I love beating Chris at cards!! On Sunday morning we awoke to the smell of waffles, yum! Then we hit the road for a tour of Valley of Fire State Park. While there we took so many gorgeous pictures, it was truly amazing. This one is of me at our first stop. It was 110 degrees at 9 am and I'm already sweating profusely. I also didn't bother to shower or put on make up before we went. I look pretty good considering the circumstances.

Anyway, when we stopped at the visitor center a bee somehow managed to find it's way into my shoe - I was wearing Keen's and they have holes in them - and when I stepped down I got stung where my big toe meets my foot, I pulled off my sandel and had killed the bee but was able to pull the stinger out. Thank goodness I'm not super allergic to bees! It hurt terribly but I managed to get through a hike to Mouse's tank and the view of the rainbow hills and then up to see the petroglyphs. It was fascinating to experience God's handiwork and see the world that he created. I truly enjoyed it and would take anyone there who goes to Vegas.

On our next trip to Vegas we plan to see Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. I think we'll wait until the weather cools off a bit :)

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