Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Hehe, I wish I were funny enough to warrant that title. Anyway, deserving or not, this is my weekend update.
  • We are moving in 7 days!! My amazingly wonderful husband has packed pretty much everything and left me to sit back and rest (or, work on my dissertation, you know, whatever).
  • Speaking of the dis. I finished chapter 4 on Saturday and now just need to finish up 2 and 3 and get them to JD for approval. Praying for approval.
  • I was also able to get a haircut yesterday, it's so much better! Nice and short, I use less shampoo and it takes less then half the time to dry. My mom was awesome and sent me a gift card which paid for the lovely hair cut and a some new clothes.
  • Today I led the opening prayer at church, went to Bible class and then taught Sunday school. A very busy morning!
  • After church we had a baby shower planning meeting - a Tea Party theme for a baby girl! So cute. I'm making teacup and teapot shaped sugar cookies. I'm a little nervous about decorating but it will be fun anyway.
  • Went to Golden Spoon for a yummy treat and then to the Commons for a free concert, it was a U2 cover band but they were pretty good, sadly, not the best acoustics.
Now, we are both sitting in bed on our laptops and I'm beginning to get a little drowsy. Tomorrow is my first 8 hour day at work so I'm anticipating exhaustion at the end of the day :)

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