Friday, June 19, 2009

Figured it out!

Why I'm so tired, that is. I have been taking Zyrtec (well, the Costco version of it) and it's making me so tired that after sleeping 12 hours I took a 2 hour afternoon nap and would have continued sleeping if I hadn't needed to go to work! It's so strange because I've never had that reaction to the medicine before. Anyway, today I am drug free and feeling more alert and awake.

I even put together some boxes this morning and planned a weekend of packing for the big move. Hehe. This move will be a piece of cake compared to our last 2 moves. Rather than drive 2500 miles we only need to go about .25 miles! We don't even need to rent a truck. I'm going to pick up some furniture dolly's on Sunday and that should get us through.

Today is my first payday and the first time I've been paid hourly in about 6 years. I'm excited to see the check and spend it on a new couch! Working hourly really makes me want to work all the time. I have much more motivation. Maybe I should pay myself per word to work on my dissertation, do you think that would improve my speed?

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