Thursday, October 9, 2014

What My Kid is Eating

Now that Caroline is back in school we are back to packing school lunches. So, what do you pack for a 15 month old to eat when the traditional crackers, cookies, bread, and peanut butter are off the table? Well, my paleo baby has a quite varied diet but all of her lunches have a few things in common. I always pack a protein, a veggie, a fruit, and a snack item. Here are some examples of her favorite foods:

Sliced black olives, she can nearly eat an entire can of these! I buy the ones with no additives.
Grapes, quartered
Green beans, she likes the mushy canned variety
Frozen peas, put in her lunch frozen and they thaw by the time lunch comes around
Ground beef
Hard boiled eggs

A lot of times she'll have whatever protein we had for dinner the night before and then a mix of the other items. Whatever she has leftover when I pick her up she snacks on during the walk home from school.

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