Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10,000 Steps a Day is Hard!

I've been slacking in the walking department lately. Since the baby no longer naps in her stroller and instead wants to be held while she naps it's meant more time sitting around and less time walking. Well, one of the fitness bloggers that I read gave a challenge to reach 100 thousand steps in 7 days.

I found a pedometer laying around our house and decided to give it a shot. The first day I managed a whopping 3884 and that was with making an effort to walk around my classroom during the final exam period.

In a seven day time span I only managed to get 10,000 steps on one day and that was a day when we took a 3 mile walk with the baby!

On the day that we were in California Adventure I walked about 12,000 steps which still isn't enough to get to 100,000 in a week.

I'm glad that I attempted the challenge and dug out the old pedometer as it gave me more motivation to get moving. I hope to get to a point where getting 10,000 steps per day and possibly even 100,000 steps per week is normal!

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