Friday, January 31, 2014

When the Rock Company Makes a Miscalculation

One of our projects while my Father-in-Law was here was to replace our dead "lawn" in the front with a patio. When we were looking to buy a house a front porch was high on our list of things we wanted in a new house but then we found our house and decided that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up since it was in the perfect location and in our price range so we went for it and we have not been disappointed! However it was time to make our home closer to our dream home by adding a patio on the front where we can put out our rocking chairs and watch the neighborhood.

To get the project started we checked out some rock from a local rock place and then took some measurements and went to place the order. I had calculated the amount I thought we needed but somehow the rock company's calculations were about double my calculations! When the truck arrived we knew we needed to find more projects for all of the rock! Here's what we did, and when I say "we" I mean my father-in-law with help from the husband.

Rock delivery on a cold Monday. Lots of oea gravel and over a ton of flagstone.

Pea gravel along the side of the house or "drip line", we don't have gutters so this is where a trench was forming and grass wasn't growing well.

The other side. I originally wanted to put river rock here but now we don't have to! It's really deep over here, we have lots of rock!

Flagstones put in to hold back the gravel

Flagstone around a bed to hold the mulch in

Finished side with a double layer of flagstone 

There is more gravel and flagstone on the other side of this fence. Eventually we plan to phase out the grass in the front yard since it's mostly crab grass or dirt where the big tree shades the yard. We are working on a plan that we can hopefully execute next year. We also have plans for a new fence at least along the front of the house!

The patio that we set out to achieve. I love it! We just got our rocking chairs in the mail yesterday and we have a little outdoor table to go out there as well.

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