Friday, December 13, 2013

Transition to Crib - Third Times a Charm!

Well, the day I've been dreading finally arrived, baby outgrew her Rock n Play! She didn't outgrow it weight or height wise rather she got too mobile for it.

For a few weeks I noticed that when I came to get her in the morning she would be squirming and trying to roll over. I knew the end was near but figured we'd transition after all of our holiday travel. Unfortunately the transition came early when baby C put her feet on the seat and pushed off nearly falling out the back. Thankfully I heard her and got to her before she fell but that was the end of the RNP. It was 3 am and I immediately moved her to the crib where she proceeded to cry. She also has a cold so that wasn't helping our situation. 

Night two we were going to start in the crib. It was terrible. We battled for two hours in which she would cry, I would pick her up and comfort and put her back and then more crying. After the two hours I gave up and brought her into my bed. Thankfully my husband is out of town so it worked out alright, we both got more sleep than we had in close to a week.

Day three began with naps in the crib. First nap she played for 10 minutes and then cried for 20 minutes while I showered. Nap 2 she slept for 15 minutes before crying. I went in and got her and she looked so exhausted that I just let her finish the nap in my arms in the chair in her room. At bedtime she went down without a fuss and woke at 10, 1:30, 2:45, and 4:00. At 4:00 she sounded so congested and sad the I just held her until 6:00.

Day four she went down in the crib easily for her first nap at 8 for a 35 minute nap, it's typical for her to take a short first nap. Her second nap was a short one during church. She was back in the crib for nap three and slept for 60 minutes and woke but was still clearly tired so I fed her and she went back in the crib for another 45 minutes. She took a short fourth nap in the car on our way back to church for the Christmas party. Bedtime was a little late due to the party so it took her a little longer to get comfy and fall asleep but she was out by 8. She woke at 9 and was up and down until 11. Up at 1:15, 3:15, 4:10 and at 4:30 Daddy stayed with her until 6 am.

Day 5 we were out and about a bit so only one nap was in the crib but it was nearly an hour. She needed a fourth nap but it was so close to bedtime that we just put her down early. She slept from 6:30-12:00 without fuss, ate and back down until 3:30 without problems. At 3:30 after eating she was pretty awake but I put her back in the crib and she rolled around and talked to herself and finally fell asleep. She was awake at 5:15 though she didn't wake up crying, just talking!

Day 6 saw two naps in the crib and one in the car. She went to bed at 7 but I made the mistake of putting her on her side so I had to rock her back to sleep at 7:30 and put her on her tummy. She woke to eat at 11 and 2 but went back down easily both times. I had to wake her up at 6 so that we could get on the road to Dallas for our flight.

Day 7 we headed to California and she had to adjust to a time change and sleeping in a pack n play! The first few nights were pretty rough but for Christmas she slept through the night! I'll update again in a few days once we've been home for a bit and have had time to readjust to her own crib. It seems that the key is to put her on her tummy (not a problems since she can easily roll now) and put a heavy blanket over her legs which is not ideal from a baby suffocation perspective but it works and so far she hasn't pulled the blanket over her face and I think she's big enough to pull it off should it be a problem. Also, the video monitor makes me feel a little better about this!

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