Friday, November 29, 2013

Season of Travel

It's that time of year, the season of travel! When you live thousands of miles from your family the holidays begin to look like a travel puzzle trying to fit all of our desired destinations into the weeks between Thanksgiving and The New Year!

This year it feels particularly important to go see everyone as it's Baby's first Christmas and there is so much family that she hasn't met. We kicked off the travel season with an all expenses paid 2 days in Cincinnati courtesy of the men's basketball team, my husband had to go for work and baby and I got to tag along. This was our first trip all together and our first trip with major weather delays. It was nice not traveling alone and while I've traveled with a friend my husband is more helpful with the baby.

Our second trip was a drive to Arlington, TX for women's basketball this time. I got a trip to Costco out of it which was nice!

Next up we go back to Cincinnati on Thursday for Redsfest then a week home before the big trip to Northern California!  I'm looking forward to introducing Caroline to all of her family and enjoying her first Christmas!

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