Saturday, October 12, 2013

Transition to Crib - Take Two!

After the last failed attempt to transition to the crib I figured that we would just wait a few weeks and try again. Well, baby began to sleep through the night and I didn't want to mess with anything, I like my sleep and she seemed happy and well rested so we didn't even discuss it. The transition really came about by accident. Caroline and I flew to Portland and took the Rock n Play with us. When we flew home our bags were a few flights behind us. When it was time for bed we didn't have a choice so we followed our normal routine putting her in the crib. The first attempt to put her down was at 7:30 and seemed to go well for about half an hour when she started her spin moves and fussing. At 8:15 I went in and settled her with a quick feeding. At 12:45 am she woke up really hungry so she nursed and then back to bed. Woke at 4:30 and then 7. Not too bad considering the travel and all of the changes. Here is a quick look at what the rest of our week has looked like:

Bed at 8, 11:30, 12, 3, 5:30, 7:30

Bed at 8, 2:15, 5, up at 6:30

Bed at 7:45, 12:15, 1:45, 5, up at 6:30

Bed at 8, 12, 3:30, 5:15, up at 6:30 (we had to let her fuss herself to sleep at 1, no actual crying but definitely not happy noises. Tried to just rock her at 5 without feeding but that didn't work)

7:45 bed
8:30 began to fuss, let her cry for 5 minutes, went in and tried rocking her for 5 minutes and then nursed. Put back in bed, fussed again. Dad went in and patted her, fussing got worse. Mom went in and rocked again.
9:05 back in bed
9:10 wake up crying, let cry for 5 minutes then went in and tried rocking her then nursed and instead of putting her in the crib we put her back in the Rock n Play. She slept until 6:30am.

Stay tuned for take 3!

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