Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Food & Breastfeeding

I know "they" say that it doesn't matter much what you eat while Breastfeeding but I disagree. In my brief time nursing and my experiments with a sample size of 1 I have noticed some foods that seem to negatively impact my baby:

- Spicy foods such as jalepeno corn, anything from Oscars, salsa, etc.
- Certain veggies such as broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts which is sad as I just figured out the best way to fix Brussels sprouts and that I love coleslaw!
- Dairy - biggest bummer of all and the one I was in denial over for the longest time as I love all things dairy! It's a good thing I've found a delicious coconut milk ice cream!
- caffeine, even the small amounts in dark chocolate so I eat my super dark chocolate right after she goes to bed so that I have 8 hours to get it out of my system before the next feeding. Also decaf coffee is a no-go!

Last week was a perfect paleo week and baby didn't have a ton of gas or explosive diapers. Sunday and Monday were not paleo, included ice cream, cheese and lots of chocolate and she just seemed more fussy. 

I'm back to paleo today and will keep tracking my food and looking for correlations with babies behavior.

Sad spit up face because Mom ate a Frosty :(

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