Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Working Mom Success

Today I did a presentation at work while wearing my baby! That's right, I took my baby to an important research presentation, put her in the sling and presented my research findings while she thankfully slept. I felt like I rock star. Being a working mom is hard in a way that I never imagined. Before having my baby I never realized how strong my desire to be with her all the time would be. I really miss her when I'm not with her. We also don't have regular childcare right now but I'm still teaching two classes and doing research and meeting with students. I'm working on balance and today was balance success. Thankfully I have a job where things like giving a presentation with your baby in a sling is smiled upon and my baby is at an age where she enjoys sleeping all snuggled up with me.

Holding this little bundle of cuteness is the best thing ever!

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